Cellular Distribution Services

Poor cellular service in your business isn’t just irritating — it’s costly. It can cost you both potential and recurring clients, so no matter what industry you’re in, you need effective cell services. Stop letting your employees and customers suffer through suddenly dropped lines and dead zones. Cable Solutions can improve both cellular and wireless signal and ensure strong cellular distribution throughout your buildings.

Why Cellular Distribution Matters

Solid cellular and wireless connectivity isn’t just important for your business. It can be life-saving. A proper installation of cellular distribution uses distributed antenna systems (DAS) and/or Small Cell solutions. Both of these effectively distribute cellular and wireless connections throughout buildings. This is important because the steel and concrete in buildings often disrupts wireless signals. This is especially true in buildings that use single pole antenna construction as their means of cellular distribution.

The reason cellular distribution is literally vital is because it lets emergency responders’ communication technology, like phones and radios, to work where they ordinarily wouldn’t. This is because with cellular distribution, there are no dead zones. Cellular distribution routes radio frequency (RF) signals throughout your entire building, keeping all of your employees and customers safe at all times. In fact, jurisdictions nationwide are requiring DAS and Small Cell insational in building constructions.

Your company needs proper cellular distribution, for both your profitability and safety. Cable Solutions’ experts will ensure a professional installation that meets your company’s needs.

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