Communications Infrastructure Services

Initial Build: A new construction site offers enormous opportunity to implement a well-planned communications infrastructure that will serve you well into the future. For your new building, Cable Solutions helps you design and install a communications framework that provides maximum efficiency and flexibility. We are aware that the key to optimizing your voice and data infrastructure investment is proper planning that will take into account your needs today and those of the future. Our mutually beneficial relationships with our vendors allow us to keep in touch with the ever changing products and materials that

Pre-Construction: Preconstruction service is the discovery and listening process. Customer needs are explored and detailed. Solutions from this early involvement result in reduced costs through coordinated &value engineering.

Design Services: Cable Solutions has the resources to work with you in the early planning stages of a project to help guide you in important decisions that have great impact on the projects success: telecommunications room sizes, locations and quantities... pathways and cable routes... industry standards

Our designs are based on the most current industry standards (IEEE, EIA, TIA, ANSI, ISO/IEC) to guarantee your system will adapt to future technologies. A successful installation begins with a solid design but execution is what makes it happen. Your network is the lifeblood of your organization and the physical layer is the foundation that supports it. A neat, professionally installed, well-documented system will provide you simpler moves and changes, easier troubleshooting, and peace of mind.

Design Assist: Cable Solutions has extensive experience working with construction teams under the design/assist format. Our company culture embraces this collaborative process that accentuates the team concept. In this process, we bring value to the team by assisting in the design. Quality, constructability, maintenance and cost issues are addressed early on with the design team. Goals are set and the process begins. Our real time input provides the owner and the design team the option to make decisions, which dramatically reduce the overall cost and schedule of the project; all while maintaining the quality and performance of the

Design Build: Cable Solutions is also very capable in the design build arena. In this process, Cable Solutions has single point responsibility for the design, quality, schedule and pricing of

Benefits of design/assist and design/build contracting:

  • Firm pricing early on in the design process.
  • Cost savings derived from coordinated team efforts, evaluation of alternative materials and methods of installation.
  • Approval of design & construction issues on a real time basis.
  • The "fast track" method reduces the schedule and allows the owner to utilize a facility sooner than the traditional design-bid-build process.


Structured Cabling New Construction Installation Services: Structured cabling provides the critical backbone of a communication system. Cable Solutions understands the complex issues involved in planning, installing and maintaining voice and data communication systems. With our expertise and experience, Cable Solutions provides our customers with the commitment that their telecommunications infrastructure, no matter how complex, will be designed, constructed,

Our pre-construction structured cabling services include:
  • Structured cabling system design
  • Preparation of structured cabling specifications
  • Development of bid specifications and RFP packages
  • Planning, budgeting and engineering review
  • Construction plan review for EIA/TIA standard compliance
  • Database development for cable management

Our construction structured cabling services include:

Voice/Data Cabling: A quality communications system design serves as the backbone for your company's reliable, scalable and successful operations. Cable Solutions' design team will ensure that your infrastructure investment will provide you with the security, reliability and efficiency you will need to be competitive in today's marketplace.

Security Systems and Cabling: Security is an increasingly important concern in businesses today. Through our partnerships with security contractors, Cable Solutions provides you with a range of access control, video, card monitoring, card access and inventory management systems that minimize risks while maximizing accountability.

Video Systems and Cabling: Procuring and distributing timely information is critical to business success. Cable Solutions works with your staff to design and build closed circuit and broadband systems that deliver pertinent information to your employees.

Paging Systems: Today's increasingly mobile workforce—from sales to customer service to technical support personnel—need ways to stay in touch without restricting movement. Cable Solutions helps you implement paging systems that give your employees the mobility they need while allowing them to receive important updates and information.

Testing & Certification: You need assurance that your cabling system will meet the standards and provides the bandwidth capacity to support future network technologies. We own an extensive array of tooling and test equipment that allows us to provide high-level certification reports that along with an extended warranty, give you assurance that the system will perform now and in the future.