Cabling Solutions for Multi- Family Housing

Cable Solutions’ has formed strategic partnerships with companies whose menu includes high-tech services such as High Definition Satellite television and high-speed Internet access and allows for improved home entertainment and facilitates telecommuting from a home office. Plus, Cable Solutions infrastructure is built to satisfy the communication and entertainment needs of today's most-sophisticated user. Moreover, the technology in these condos is so advanced; it will accommodate future services not yet introduced. With its high-communication capabilities, Cable Solutions is helping property owners and management companies demonstrate that "not all condos are created equal."

Cable Solutions Blends Multiple Options Into One System. Cable Solutions takes the concept of structured cabling, as practiced in demanding commercial applications, and combines it with multimedia. This blending accommodates the convergence of telephone communications, computer and Internet services, audio/video, and much more. An innovative series of modules and media centers--set up as either pre-configured essential platforms or more customized enhanced platforms--manage and distribute voice, data, audio and video in flexible configurations and typical packages that best suit each homeowner’s individual requirements. These requirements can range from something as simple as cable TV and telephone in several rooms, to a local area network (LAN) for a small office or home-based business.