Cabling Solutions for Schools

Cabling is the backbone on which IT networks function. And yet, as much as 50 percent of network problems are related to an inadequate or underperforming cabling infrastructure. Today's schools, and universities, are challenged by growing attendance, increased regulatory compliance, and an overwhelming volume of data generated by advancements in technology. At the same time, management is under constant pressure to hold down operational costs while increasing bandwidth and educational IP based systems. Fortunately, technology advances have empowered districts and boards to automate many business, administrative and learning processes to achieve higher levels of productivity. Cable Solutions understands this and has been providing the leading K-12 and higher education providers in Arizona with the design expertise, and cabling installations required to keep costs down while providing the infrastructure needed to support such advances. Cable Solutions has been focused on the education industry for over a decade, and the following is a list of our most recent customers:

K-12 School Solutions

Cable Solutions Services offers an array of products and services designed to meet your school or school district’s unique networking needs. From design and consulting, to installation and support – our experts work with you to develop the right solutions for your school. We offer:

  • Optimization of an end-to-end networking solution
  • Installation of network cabling, hubs/router/switches and wireless networks
  • Design, install and maintain state-of-the-art CCTV/Security Systems

Cable Solutions has implemented projects for school districts of all sizes and will work with you to assess your school or school district’s network infrastructure Our strength is our people.

Higher Education Solutions

The explosion of new technologies has reshaped the higher education infrastructure landscape. Cable Solutions recognizes the importance of technology in the higher education environment, but we understand its place as a resource in a much larger environment. Cable Solutions appreciation for the important role technology has in education is the result of years of experience and performance we’ve demonstrated through consistent partnership with colleges and universities.

Cable Solutions Services offers much more than a few services. As your value-added partner, Cable Solutions can tailor services to meet the unique needs and financial means of a large state university or a small liberal arts college. Cable Solutions offers consulting and technology strategy development including curriculum integration, virtual university, mobile and distance program delivery and much, much more, including:

  • Program Management
  • System and network design, engineering and specification
  • Installation and maintenance

The key to our success is a fundamental understanding of the building blocks of technology, and their relationship to your real mission – the delivery of top quality education services. From the copper and fiber optic cable that forms the foundation of your network to the high-end routers that are its heartbeat, Cable Solutions is your expert partner.